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Family Based Coaching and Workshops to Meet You Where You Are

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does everyone keep saying that I need help too?
Along with the addict, the whole family has been experiencing trauma. No one gets through it unscathed and addiction affects everyone. Often times we’re expecting the addict to break the cycle by themselves, and it doesn’t happen without family support and family healing.

“Addiction is a family disease. One person may use, but the whole family suffers.”—Anonymous

Isn’t the rehab facility supposed to make sure our loved one never goes back to the addiction?

On average 60% of the time addicts will relapse at some point. Rehab centers are designed to give the tools and the environment for addicts to successfully start their journey of sobriety. If they come home to a supportive family environment and ongoing coaching the success rate can reach as high as 95%.

For the 1st one to two years your family will experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows and family coaching helps to smooth out the transition.

How long is this supposed to take?
Any kind of transformational work with the addict and family members typically takes at a minimum 6 months to a year. Think about how long it takes to develop an addiction or any part your lifestyle. How long did it take to master your job or career? Similarly, it takes time and is a journey of sobriety and change rather than a destination. This is what keeps the success rate as high as it is in utilizing coaching and support programs.