Family Based Coaching

With you every step of the way

What exactly is Family Based Coaching? Do we really need it?

Coaching Basics

Cor’s Family Based Coaching Program helps your family get to the root of their thoughts and actions. With careful coaching your family will learn to communicate more effectively, stopping misunderstandings and arguments before they start.

The goal is to want to spend more time with each other and remember why you are a family in the first place. We will help your family become relationship based and internally motivated rather than externally and money motivated.

Our Approach to Coaching

We help you understand what family beliefs were passed down and why you react and think the way that you do.

We work with each family member to help them recognize the thoughts and beliefs that aggravate the family dynamic and how to make different choices.

This leads to more peace and happiness and strengthens the family relationship bond.

We are with you every step of the way.

We provide your family the support it needs to transform from being a prisoner of substance abuse to a strong family that has a clear path to recovery. You will have an action plan moving forward and, with your participation, a solid support system to prevent you and your loved ones from relapsing into old patterns of abuse.

You can finally quit throwing money at “fixing” the issue and have a permanent solution. Your family can thrive and win in life rather than being a victim of substance abuse.

What a Family Recovery Coach IS:

Encourager, Motivator & Cheerleader


Ally & Confidant

Problem Solver & Truth Teller


Resource Broker & Advocate

What a Family Recovery Coach IS NOT:

Therapist / Psychologist

Clinician or Medical Practitioner

Treatment Specialist or Sponsor