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Do you feel lost in the trenches of addiction? Like you have no voice or direction? Are you living in fear every day?

Our Story – Money Can’t Fix Everything

My grandfather died with regrets, even though he did everything right materialistically. He built a successful company and estate for his children, and he dedicated his time and efforts to its growth. However, in the process, he sacrificed his time and connections with his family, his faith, and his personal development.

The pressure my grandfather felt to provide financially — and perhaps the guilt he felt for not being there for his loved ones — led to his dependence on alcohol. His biggest regret was not devoting more time to family relationships and meaningful conversations. He had failed to foster and draw upon the support system he could have had in his own family.

Unfortunately, I’ve had dozens of conversations with people like my grandfather who realized too late that their legacy was not what they hoped it would be. I, too, wanted something different for our family, yet we found ourselves sucked into the cycle of addiction.

Over the course of two decades, each of my family members gradually broke out of addiction by seeking support individually. I formed a wealth management company to address the financial needs of families. But wealth management does not address the problem that money can’t fix everything. Overcoming addiction requires deep and difficult conversations along with a shared vision for the family to move forward in a new light.

Cor is here to help ease the pain for you and your family throughout the recovery process. Often the addict goes away to get “treated” only to come home to the same old behaviors and routines.

Cor Conceptualized – Whose Feet Will You Wash?

Addiction affects the whole family, and if left unaddressed, it creates resentment, anger, blame, and pain throughout the family system. It damages relationships. Consequently, addicts often fall victim to the delusion that they can overcome the struggle alone, and family members often feel the struggle is not theirs to overcome.

Even if that were true, it begs the simple yet vital question, whose feet will you wash? Without the fundamental component of service in the healing process, individuals and families will never fully recover. Just as it is paramount for recovering alcoholics and addicts to help others suffering from the disease, it is equally important for us in family recovery to reach out and be a lifeline to other families still suffering.

We know firsthand that giving hope to a parent, child, or spouse who is still entrenched in their loved one’s addiction can change them forever and make a difference. And that is our mission at Cor.

Let Cor Help Guide You Through Recovery

For addicts to become sober, they need to figure out the “Why.” Why do they continuously get high? Why do they continue to lie? Cheat? Steal? Despite having the consequences of losing EVERYTHING.

Families play a tremendous role in the success of their loved one getting – and, more importantly, staying – sober. Loved ones need to look at their role as well. Do they enable the addict in some way to support their habit? Perhaps give them money? Cover up for them, or lie on their behalf? The cycle will continue unless we act differently. It is time to swim upstream and be part of the solution.

When we become educated about addiction, we arm ourselves with the knowledge of its roots and depths. When we work on ourselves, we get stronger and more confident to handle life. We learn that we cannot control other people, places, or things.

We give families the courage to walk through recovery with love and grace.

“Only when one is connected to one’s own core is one connected to others…” -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Our Qualifications


B.A. in Pscychology


Certified Peer and Family Specialist (CPFS)


Behavioral Finance Advisor


Long-term sobriety

Over 20 Years


Actively involved in the recovery community

Over 15 Years


Internal Family Systems (IFS)